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Dalene grew up in the Loomis area and graduated from Del Oro High School in Loomis. She moved to Lincoln after she married and raised her kids here. At that time, Lincoln was still a small community where everyone knew everyone and a place where a person was proud to live and call home. She was involved with many of the youth programs as the kids grew up and met many wonderful people in Lincoln.

In 2009 when the economy fell and after a long career in the glass industry, she needed to decide what she was going to do. For years she had been told that she would be great at real estate and she thought about it as a career for herself, so she felt that was the right time to find out.

Dalene works full time as a Real Estate Agent with Intero Real Estate Services to help family, friends and others find their perfect home. She wants her clients to achieve a smooth dream experience when buying or selling real estate. Her love of home is what drives her passion; she wants everyone to have a home that they love too.

She became an Ambassador at the suggestion of her broker in the interest of growing her business. Not only does she feel this experience is helping grow her business, but she has met so many wonderful people and has made some lasting friendships. She feels everyone involved is so kind and welcoming.

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