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LACC PAC is a non-partisan Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee (PAC) involved in influencing the outcome of elections that impact Lincoln’s employers and our community’s quality of life.

Contributions are used to support candidates and political causes that will grow our local economy and protect jobs.

Investing in the LACC PAC provides an avenue for like-minded employers who work hard to run a successful business to pool their resources to have a greater impact on legislative campaigns.

The PAC has made it a priority to help elect local candidates who truly understand the need to support job growth and economic development – and defeat those who do not. Acting alone it is extremely difficult for an individual business to make a political impact. LACC PAC offers the business community organized political action to elect candidates who advocate policies that ensure the economic certainty and stability for businesses interested in job creation.

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How it works

The LACC PAC was developed so that job creators could collectively impact legislative campaigns. We are bipartisan trustees of the LACC PAC comprised of business leaders who are very familiar with the community’s concerns, and most important topics and who decide whom funds will be distributed. We contribute to candidates based on their past and continuing support of the business community’s agenda and make our decisions with the ultimate goal of creating a strong and prosperous economy for the City/County and a better quality of life for all.

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